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foamed concrete, air distribution control

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asked Jun 11 by trucgiao91 (120 points)

My name is Giao Vu, at the moment I am learning how to use the software to conduct a project in the University. I would like ask if there  is a way to pack two different particle with different parameters ( size, porosity, material properties,distribution) into one prescribed volume. I am trying to learn how to use woo for my master thesis to simulate foamed concrete under compression.

Thanks so much for your support.

Best regards,

Giao Vu

1 Answer

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answered Jun 13 by eudoxos (46,530 points)
Hi Giao,

this could be done by simply running two overlapping inlets; they would be creating particles in the same volume but inlets avoid particles which exist already. The only thing is that you have to limit mass rate, otherwise the first inlet running will fill the volume and leave no space for the next one.

You can prescribe PSD, shape and material, porosity can only be controlled indirectly - such as by calculating mass which will lead to that porosity for given inlet volume.

Beware though that random inlets create loose packings (by randomly placing particles in free space) and then you typically have to run compaction so that it resembles something like real material with touching particles.

Hope this helps.