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Ubuntu example script error

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asked Feb 3, 2018 by drasszkusz (350 points)


I've installed python3-woo on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I did it like on the homepage:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:eudoxos/woo-daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3-woo
sudo pip3 install --system ipython

When I'm trying to run the "pills and bottle example" it starts perfectly, except this message:

/home/drasszkusz/.local/lib/python3.5/site-packages/IPython/config.py:13: ShimWarning: The `IPython.config` package has been deprecated since IPython 4.0. You should import from traitlets.config instead.
  "You should import from traitlets.config instead.", ShimWarning)
Running script /home/drasszkusz/Woo/test/pill.py
/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/past/builtins/misc.py:79: DeprecationWarning: 'U' mode is deprecated
  with open(filename, "rbU") as fin:

The controller and the 3D view comes up fine and I see the bottle model, so I don't care that message. But when I click on the play button to run the script, then this message comes up in the console:

Woo [1]: ERROR build-src-tree/../core/Scene.cpp:100 backgroundLoop: Exception: 
<PharmaCapsuleGenerator @ 0x4ee79b0> should override ParticleGenerator.minMaxDiam.
ERROR build-src-tree/../core/Scene.cpp:100 backgroundLoop: Exception: 
<PharmaCapsuleGenerator @ 0x4ee79b0> should override ParticleGenerator.minMaxDiam.

I've tried the ubuntu packege istead of the woo-daily repository and also I tried python-woo but nothing helped, sometimes I had more errors (no 3D view or controller, etc..) with them. Also I've reinstalled the Ubuntu on my pc. I tried the script on Windows and it works perfectly, but i prefer Linux for the simulations.

Furthermore I want to mention that on woodem.org -> User's manual -> Installation -> Linux -> Compilation from source -> woo-install-ubuntu.sh script link is broken (no file).

Thank you for your help!


commented Feb 4, 2018 by eudoxos (49,150 points)

Hi, thank you for a detailed report. The IPython warnings are from ipython, nothing we can do. PharmaCapsuleGenerator needs to be fixed (new timestep computation method, it was not updated apparently), as well as the installation script. I will have a look next week. Hope the rest works fine for you. Cheers, Vaclav

commented Feb 4, 2018 by drasszkusz (350 points)

Very well, thanks!


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answered Feb 14, 2018 by eudoxos (49,150 points)
selected Feb 14, 2018 by drasszkusz
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Thanks for reporting the issues, the first one (with bottle example) was fixed in https://github.com/woodem/woo/commit/518d0304e33575cbd0646b870c00f89c2694d711 . The second link should point to https://github.com/woodem/woo/blob/master/scripts/woo-install-ubuntu.sh , it is a leftover from launchpad hosting; unfortunately, it will take a while before the web is updated.

Cheers! vaclav