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Batch Mode on Windows

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asked Jan 11 by Lachlan Wright (120 points)
edited Jan 11 by Lachlan Wright


I'm trying to run the batch mode using Windows (Woo version is 1.0.3936) and I recieve the following error. I'm not sure how to fix this?



1 Answer

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answered Jan 15 by eudoxos (46,390 points)
Hi Lachlan, I don't know what the problem is based just on the console snapshot... could you be more specific? Could you perhaps share your simulation script and batch table? I will check if I can reproduce, then we might find a solution which will work with your version.

Unfortunately we don't really support Windows as OS for running Woo anymore (not enough interest to compensate for the packaging effort which is required), so if you want to receive updates/fixes, you might consider running Woo in Linux, or perhaps inside the Windows for Linux Subsystem.

Best, Vaclav