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How to use the WooDEM software in Windows 7

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asked Dec 29, 2017 by amineneh (130 points)
Hi team,

In the first place, I am very happy to find such open source DEM tool to use in Windows operating system.

I downloaded and installed the software in my computer. I also launched the software from the Start Menu. However, I have no idea how to work with the software including

- what to use for coding (can I use text editor to code and "call" the text editor file in the software)

- what are the syntax and commands

- what are the different parts (menus and icons) in the software

Can I get a video or step-by-step procedure how to use the software with a simple example - such as bouncing ball on a wall or colliding two balls?



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answered Dec 30, 2017 by eudoxos (49,150 points)
Hi Amineneh, there is tutorial and documentation at https://woodem.org, the manual includes installation. Unfortunately, though, we don't really support Windows since a few years since the audience was too small and the build automation rather poor; the old version is still available for download, but newer bug fixes are not present. Woo in scripted in Python (and written in c++ and Python), so you will need some knowledge of Python to get started, https://woodem.org/tutorial/basic.html#basics explains how the scene is constructed and so on.

What I'd recommend is to install (or have someone do it for you) Linux in a virtual machine, that way you can install latest woo from packages rather easily. We are thinking of documenting how to use Woo through Windows 10 WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux), which is a component of Windows 10 which lets you run Linux programs directly; but to use graphical interface, some extra work is needed.

HTH, Vaclav
commented Dec 30, 2017 by amineneh (130 points)

Thank you for your response again. I think I downloaded the latest version which is Version 1.0 and it works. I just want to confirm if this is the latest version and if I can receive updates on bug fixes. If I able to receive bug fixes, then i will teach myself and work on the software. I don't want to work on the old version because i want to have correct simulation with all bugs fixed. Pls confirm me if i installed the latest version.

Also has the software been used for publication by any user?

Thanks in advance!

commented Dec 30, 2017 by amineneh (130 points)

Hi Is it okay if I can call you by Viber for 5 min chat pls?
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Best regards

commented Dec 30, 2017 by amineneh (130 points)

i download it from


The very first link which is

Woo-main-1.0-r3936-git-07be000-installer.exe (md5)

commented Dec 30, 2017 by eudoxos (49,150 points)

As said, the latest Windows installer is something like 2 years old. We cannot allocate resources to support Windows since we don't have any customer who needs that. It can change in the future again, but funding is a necessity.

Woo has been used in research (mainly for geomechanics - constitutive models and such) a little bit, but it is a fork of Yade (yade-dem.org) which is well-established in the academic DEM field.

We can continue the discussion by e-mail if you prefer.

commented Dec 30, 2017 by eudoxos (49,150 points)

PS these two "papers" (never published, I quit academia just at that time) were done with Woo https://woodem.org/cases/cyl-triax/index.html and https://woodem.org/cases/x-aniso/index.html, which was also used in an article by Anastasia Blioumi and myself at Eurock 2012 (or 2013?) and could be found in the proceedings.