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Packed bed of capsules: export porosity values for each cell in the generated VTK file

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asked Nov 25 by coderguruz (140 points)
For a packed bed of capsules I want to export porosity values for each cell in the generated VTK file: is this possible with the current version of WooDEM?
commented Nov 26 by eudoxos (45,130 points)

Please clarify what is "cell" and how you define porosity on it.

commented Nov 29 by coderguruz (140 points)

It is a Voronoi cell around the capsule. I define porosity as the fraction of the cell occupied by the fluid.
I have more or less the same problem reported in this discussion of two years ago:
I want to evaluate the radial porosity profile of a cylindrical packed bed of capsules.

1 Answer

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answered Nov 30 by eudoxos (45,130 points)

You can try with woo.triangulated.porosity which works on box-shaped domain. The inernal code is here: https://github.com/woodem/woo/blob/master/pkg/dem/Funcs.cpp#L702 . It ignores orientation of Capsules (or Ellipsoids). Another approach would be to use some other tool to analyze the VTK (or STL) file, since the triangulation defines solid/void areas.