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WOO conflict with Gmsh?

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asked May 5, 2017 by ElaineMun (220 points)

One month ago, I updated WOO on my machine, from[Ver.1.1+3908+27~ubuntu 14.04.1, API 10102] to [Ver.1.1+3999+32~ubuntu 14.04.1, API 10103].

Today, I tried to run Gmsh on my computer, I found Gmsh is gone! Then I installed Gmsh again on my machine. by typing "sudo apt-get install Gmsh".

Then I found WOO was removed:(

How can I recover WOO on my machine? Should I need to re-install WOO again? Can I keep both of them on my computer in the mean time?

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for your information, this is what happened after I typed  "sudo apt-get install Gmsh" on my computer:


1 Answer

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answered May 6, 2017 by eudoxos (49,150 points)
Hi Lei, libmed1, a library gmsh needs, depends on libhdf5-openmpi-6, whereas woo depends on libhdf5-7 (without openmpi) and these two flavors conflict with each other. I am now on travels without access to a proper machine, so I cannot help much more.

This situation means there is a problem with packaging of either woo or of libmed1. My guess is the second one, but I'd have to ask debian maintainers what is the way to depend on HDF5 in a proper way.

A way around this can be to compile woo from the source (then the hdf5 flavor installed will be used, I suppose), or (sorry for lack of better solution) avoid using both simulatenously at the same machine.

In a few weeks, I will look at a proper solution, the issue will be tracked under https://github.com/woodem/woo/issues/27 .

Cheers, Vaclav
commented May 8, 2017 by ElaineMun (220 points)

Thanks for your reply!