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Difference between Version1.0 and Version1.1

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asked Mar 24, 2017 by ElaineMun (220 points)

Hi Vaclav, 

I have an older version of Woo on one machine: Ver.1.0+3908+27~ubuntu14.04.01, API 10102; and I have an new version of WOO on another machine: Ver. 1.1+3992+32~ubuntu14.04.1, API 10103.

I ran a simulation with different version, I got totally different results, please have a look at the figure below. Do you have any idea about what caused this happened to my simulation? Thanks!

Best regards,



commented Mar 24, 2017 by eudoxos (49,070 points)

Hi Lei, I can't comment on that without further details. Do you perhaps have a 3d view of the simulation so that it is at least clear what the load means, horizontal and vertical, and what material model you use? Cheers, v.

commented Mar 24, 2017 by ElaineMun (220 points)

Hi Vaclav,

Thanks for your quick reply. Here is the problem I tried to solve using WOO:

enter image description here

1 Answer

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answered Mar 30, 2017 by eudoxos (49,070 points)
For the records, as communicated through private channels, the difference came from API change where distFactor must be specified as DemField.distFactor, as documented (and warned about).
commented Mar 31, 2017 by ElaineMun (220 points)

Thank you! problem was solved after specifying Disfactor using DemField.disFactor.