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One small question about data plotting

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asked Sep 29, 2016 by MarcoTar (770 points)

Hi Vaclav.

Thanks for your help firstly.

I just find one question about the data plotting.

Here's the link where I do follow your instruction.https://woodem.org/tutorial/data.html#plotting

Detail Description:

For the simplified interface, the results get the same with yours. No problem.

However, when I do the 'Separated y-axes'

S.plot.plots={'t=S.time': (     # complex expressions can span multiple lines in python :)
   None,                        # remaining things go to the y2 axis

Here's the same code I use from your guide, combining the same previous simple sample simulation 'sphere'.

If I didn't symbol the z_1, z_0, and only wrote 'S.dem.par[1].pos[2]' so as the rest, it can plot very well. If I use the same code, then it always appear the warning:

Missing columns in Scene.plot.data, added NaNs: $z_0$=S.dem.par[0].pos[2], $z_1$=S.dem.par[1].pos[2]

Hope you can spend your precious time having a look.

Thanks in advance.

Feixiang Xuan

commented Oct 4, 2016 by eudoxos (49,030 points)

Hi, gimme a day or two, your question is in the queue :) Cheers, v.

commented Oct 7, 2016 by eudoxos (49,030 points)

I need more of the script to comment on this. Also, what Woo version you are running? The part of the tutorial is produced by woo itself, so it must be working on my machine, where the documentation is processed.

commented Oct 7, 2016 by MarcoTar (770 points)
welcome to Woo ver. 1.1+3957+32~ubuntu14.04.1, API 10103

But now this is not so crucial. Because for me there's only some little problem as what I explained at the previous comment.
It's only related about the Name Given.
Feixiang Xuan

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answered Oct 7, 2016 by eudoxos (49,030 points)
selected Oct 11, 2016 by eudoxos
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You are using +3957 version, which is behind the current 4104. This commit from Aug 28 is called "Fixes for simplified plot interface (name=value)". Once you update your installation, you are likely to see the problem disappear. Cheers, vaclav

commented Oct 7, 2016 by MarcoTar (770 points)

Hi Vaclav.
I've just upgrated both my Ubuntu from 14.04 to 16.04 as well as Woo.
And I tried the plotting, now it works fine.

Welcome to Woo ver. 1.1+3985+40~ubuntu16.04.1, API 10103

To be safe, is this the right latest version?

Best Regards
Feixiang Xuan