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Results from porting attempt to GPU?

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asked Aug 11, 2016 by Nabil (210 points)
Hi again!

I'm compiling my final report with my findings with MPI. I was told you attempted to port Woo to CUDA some time ago? My supervisor was hoping you could briefly summarize your results (feel free to make it as technical as you need, since I can provide context in that matter), since this suggestion would inevitably arise in a meeting.



p.s. They are pretty enthusiastic with your suggestion about the Xeon Phi (some other student will end up fighting with Boost to get it to compile, haha).
commented Aug 13, 2016 by eudoxos (49,070 points)

Hi I will send you something but not until in about 10 days, I am mostly off internet now. I had a talk about gpgpu in gremoble 2014 iirc (1st yade developers conferencd), I think yoi find it online somewhere. Also look into my cl-dem0 repo at github, that is the code (looks terrible, sorry). Cheers, v.

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answered Aug 25, 2016 by eudoxos (49,070 points)
selected Oct 21, 2016 by eudoxos
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Hi, I am replying properly now; proceedings from the 1st Yade workshop are available from https://yade-dem.org/wiki/1st_Yade_Workshop (https://yade-dem.org/publi/1stWorkshop/booklet.pdf , my talk on GPU is at page 510 of the whole. The repo addresses are https://github.com/woodem/cl-math and https://github.com/woodem/cl-dem0 , in case those are interesting for you as well. Cheers, Václav