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Installation on CentOS 6.7 without root

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asked May 17, 2016 by zhswee (120 points)
Hi there,

It was a hard work to compile Woo on CentOS 6.7 (libraries are very old) without root. Finally, it seems that everything is going well. However, I come across with a problem when executing it. Please see the following prompts:

 File ".../woo/__init__.py", line 229, in hack_loadCompiledModulesViaLinks
    try: sys.modules[mod]=__import__(modpath[-1])
TypeError: No to_python (by-value) converter found for C++ type: std::vector<double, std::allocator<double> >

Any suggestion? Or could you tell me the exact vertion numbers of dependecies?

PS: Python 2.7.11, Boost 1.59 (or 1.52 the same problem), Qt 4.8.6, binutils 2.24, gcc 4.9.2, libQGLViewer 2.6.3

In the config file SConstruct, I did add such an env. QT4_MOCINCFLAGS = '-DBOOST_TT_HAS_OPERATOR_HPP_INCLUDED', #adding  for avoiding a 'BOOST_JOIN' error


commented May 19, 2016 by eudoxos (49,070 points)

Hi, what you mention is the source of the error (boost::python finds converters for default arguments at startup, and that one happens to be vector), but that converter will have been registered by that time normally. if you don't see that line with getenv("WOO_DEBUG"), do "git pull origin master" and recompile.

commented Jul 5, 2016 by eudoxos (49,070 points)

Hi, did you see any progress with the issue? I was not able to reproduce it so far.

commented Jul 5, 2016 by zhswee (120 points)

Sorry, I had to give it up. Generally, it shouldn't get such an error. Thank you, man!

commented Jul 5, 2016 by eudoxos (49,070 points)

I am sorry for those kind of problems. I also suspect you were not using up-to-date trunk (based on the debugging line I added and you did not see it) and solving this kind of problems requires sometimes a great deal of patience and time, which is something not everybody has. I will close this question, but feel free to re-open if you need something more. Good luck!

commented Jul 5, 2016 by zhswee (120 points)

The problem was still there even though I updated the trunk. I will revisit the problem if needed, and hope I could resolve it. Please close this question, thanks again!

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