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Is it possible to run Woo through c++ interface?

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asked Feb 19, 2016 by newEnergyImperial (160 points)
Hi Václav,

Thanks for your efforts to make such a wonderful open-source code.

However, the Python interface seems not to work on my side.

I, thus, wonder if it is possible to run a few cases through C++ interface directly. I would like to export information associated with (the coordiates, velocity, etc) particles (different shapes) and using my own scripts to do post-processing.


Best regards,


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answered Feb 19, 2016 by eudoxos (46,530 points)
selected Feb 19, 2016 by newEnergyImperial
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Hi, Woo cannot be compiled without Python. It is possible to compile it with both python2.x and >=python3.4. If you use non-default python or python3, pass PYTHON=... to scons (scons always runs with the default python2). If you are in a virtual environment, follow https://woodem.org/user/installation.html#virtual-environment (replace bzr links with git, the rest should be fine). Have some Linux expert help you, it is not hard.

I assume you use CentOS (you mentioned that elsewhere), which unfortunately often has outdated compiler and other things; use it as an argument to push your network admins at Imperial to upgrade.

PS please delete the previous questions if you don't need the anwers anymore, or follow-up on them. Stale incomplete questions only make the forum less useful for other people.