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closed Woo - Ipython problem on my laptop

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asked Oct 15 by MaxWiebicke (400 points)
closed Oct 15 by MaxWiebicke

Hi Vaclav,

maybe it's easier for you if I post another question, to not get too confused on the build errors we are getting.

I tried to update woo to include your changes for the different ipython version with

woo -RR

and still get an error, quite likely related to ipython, see:

Furthermore, I spotted this line

ldd: ./liblibQGLViewer-qt5.so: No such file or directory

Although I installed the qt5 libraries. Do you know what I am missing?

closed with the note: Solved by Vaclav

1 Answer

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answered Oct 15 by eudoxos (47,770 points)
selected Oct 15 by MaxWiebicke
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Hi Max, this should be fixed in the latest commit now, IPython 7.0 (which was released just a few weeks ago) changed the API slightly. The liblibQGLViewer-qt5.so message is harmless, though I cannot find where it comes from... maybe from inside scons. Cheers, Vaclav
commented Oct 15 by MaxWiebicke (400 points)

Woo seems to work now, but the interface apparently has a problem with matplotlib, see:

enter image description here

commented Oct 15 by eudoxos (47,770 points)

Fixed :) thanks for reporting.

commented Oct 15 by MaxWiebicke (400 points)

Thank you so much, Vaclav! Upon a first test, it seems to work now :)
Sorry for bothering you, but my skills with compiling code are very limited.