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Question about adhesive model

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asked Feb 8, 2015 by wenjiexu
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Dear all,
    I want to simulated the failure process of rock material, where the particles are bounded together in the begaining. In the theory of "DEM  contact model" of Woo, there is an "adhesive model". However, I can't find the description on this model in the "Woo modules".
   Is there an example on this model? Or, is the Woo can be used for the numerical simulation of the failure process of the particles assembly?
  Thanks a lot!
Best regard,

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answered Feb 8, 2015 by eudoxos (49,150 points)
selected Jun 8, 2015 by eudoxos
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Hi Henry,

I put implementation not at the bottom of the page with adehsive models (http://woodem.eu/doc/theory/contact/adhesive.html). The current adhesive model has some implementation limitations (most notably, that surface energy and the alpha parameter are not  per-particle, but the same in the whole simulation) which could be overcome easily. This type of adhesive models is suitable for powder-like materials, however, not really for rocks.

For rock, you might check out the concrete model http://woodem.eu/doc/theory/contact/concrete.html (which is a type of fragile model with many features like rate-dependence, calibration procedures and strong connection to continuum mechanics), but it was ported from Yade only recently, and altohugh the model itself is very well tested, the port has not been yet (again, something which could be done if you need it).

Finally, a brand new cohesive model (designed for ice, but it will work for rock as well, once calibrated) is in the works: http://woodem.eu/doc/theory/contact/ice.html (should be ready within a few weeks).

Let me know if you want to try out the concrete model, I would test the implementation. If you want the ice model, wait two or three weeks before it is ready for its prime time.

HTH, Václav
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answered Feb 9, 2015 by wenjiexu
Dear Pro.Václav,
   Many thanks for your reply. I'll very expect that the port of the concrete model will be added in Woo if you have time, which is very useful for the numerical simulation of Concrete, rock and other fragile material.
   Furthermore, I'm very happy to know that another new contact model (ice model) will be added in Woo.
   Many functions of Woo are very useful for the DEM simulation of geomaterials.
   Thanks a lot!
Best regard,